Lufthansa CARGO

“The pilots of Lufthansa Cargo are very happy with the Preferential Bidding System of Kernel Software. They especially value the fact that the system gives them an immediate feedback about the status of their requests. This makes it possible to submit another request when the initial one has been found illegal, or when all positions have already been granted to higher-priority colleagues”.

Cpt. Stefan T. Schmidt, Postholder Flight Operations

Providing a Preferential Bidding System to the pilots of a cargo airline can look like a difficult proposal: even though the pairings are built as late as possible, they keep changing until the day of the operation. As a result, the crew request system needs to be extremely reactive to frequent changes.

Kernel Software’s real-time Preferential Bidding System re-calculates the status of all requests whenever a request is submitted, removed or changed, and also whenever an updated view of the pairing and rosters is received from the central CMS (Crew Management System). For LCAG, the update takes place daily, but other Preferential Bidding Systems provided by Kernel Software receive (and adjust requests to) on-line update messages sent by the central CMS.